Agua Oaxaca Integral

Strategy for flood prevention and efficient use of water and territorial organization for the State of Oaxaca, 3.9 million inhabitants

The objective of the project is to mitigate floods, organize territorial dispersion and boost innovative economic areas in de State of Oaxaca, 3.9 million inhabitants. The staff defined and designed a state strategy for the efficient use of water and space that aims to organize the excess and lack of water in the state, long term, integrating a new spatial territorial structuring and triggering alternative economy.

Estado de Oaxaca, MéxicoAgua Oaxaca Integral

About this project

The global strategy was applied at a smaller scale in different regions, concentrating on risk mitigation measures: “space for rivers”. Various rivers with constant floods were researched and the project concentrated its efforts on a pilot program, the  Río de los Perros, in the Isthmus region. In this river, different mitigation and water use measures were taken, combined with spatial interventions. The total process was enriched with visits to the State, workshops with the client and different government departments. Software to make simulation hydrological models were used, which served as a base for the urban and landscape designs. These softwares were delivered to the client for their use. The State now has a global strategic tool, a pilot example and different possible interventions in rivers in Oaxaca regions that will allow them to mitigate floods. Finally, the global strategy is a source of inspiration and starting point to go in depth in the look for more solutions for the state. 



Ministry of Finances, Oaxaca State
Oaxaca State, Mexico
2013-2015, done
Deltares, Wolbert van Dijk, Xicalli Coliuhqui