Masterplan Calzada de la República

Development of a comprehensive master plan for the Calzada de la República, pedestrian and cycle lane and recovery of its public spaces, a resilient city with a water management approach.

Calzada de La República is a main street in the city. It is the “roof” of the historic Jalatlaco River, now drained. In its current situation, faces several challenges. Among them are the need to control the excess of urban water caused by heavy rains, enhance the urban image, give order to land uses, control motorized vehicles and provide space to non-motorized mobility, strengthen the efficient use of green spaces, and improve urban equipment.



Oaxaca, MéxicoMasterplan Calzada de la República

About this project

Our consortium, Beccan Davila Urbanismo, Deltares and Move Mobility; has worked engaging with the philosophy of building resilience and creating comfortable cities with quality of life for all its citizens.  The office Deltares provided climate adaptation measures with the use of the Adaptation System Tool (AST). The office Move Mobility contributed to the vision of sustainable mobility. The office Beccan Davila Urbanismo was responsible for the overall coordination of the project process. He guided the work of each member of the consortium and incorporated it with the contribution of local stakeholders. My firm was also in charge of the design of the master plan. The final result of the project consists of a Master Plan for the transformation of Calzada de la República into a new public space for the city. The plan reduces heat stress, collects rainwater, and creates urban comfort for the inhabitants. Furthermore, the plan diminishes the traffic intensity and turns it to an "Activity Street” by introducing bicycle paths and reinforcing road safety. Finally, the plan improves the urban image, rescues public spaces, increases green areas, provides new urban equipment and creates synergy between the Historic Center and the Jalatlaco neighborhood.

We hope our proposal to be replicated in other roads of the city and the State of Oaxaca. Finally, we hope that the design will evolve in the future and contribute to further strengthen the public space and even rescue the memory of water of the Jalatlaco River.



Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Netherlands
Oaxaca, México
December 2019- March 2020, completed
Deltares, Move Mobility

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Masterplan Calzada de la República