Zarate and the Delta Footprint

Towards a sustainable territory Building with Nature


My office got the assignment from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands, to develop a vision for a sustainable development and spatial planning, design its implementation strategy and sketch a start-up project for the island sector of Zárate.  





Zarate, ArgentinaZarate and the Delta Footprint

About this project


The island sector of the Municipality of Zarate is located in the Paraná Delta. The main challenge of this area is to face natural and human transformations while preserving their intrinsic characteristics. These transformations are among others, the threat posed by climate change, the pressure for changes in land use, fragmentation in management and economic activities. To this scenario is added the concrete need by the municipality to efficiently connect the continent and the islands.


The main ambition of this project is to organize and develop the island area in a sustainable way, through the philosophy of “Building with Nature”, taking advantage of the strengths of the Delta's natural system. Our aim is to achieve this through a holistic, prospective, democratic and participatory spatial planning methodology, within the framework of sustainability. Finally, the project aims, from a bottom-up perspective, to contribute to a sustainable development of the Paraná Delta.



Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Netherlands
Zarate, Argentina
August 2019-

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Zarate and the Delta Footprint